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I am a retired teacher, and also a relatively recent graduate of Stirling University [2005].

Having been brought up on farms, where my father was a shepherd, I have a life long love of the natural world.

Since retirement I have been seeking to develop skills in drawing and painting, as well as continuing needlework and knitting, and watching wildlife, especially ospreys.


4 thoughts on “Home

  1. Debra Rae

    Hi cathie ,

    I did not realise you had a blog, please keep it up. I enjoy reading your stories and adventures and looking at your beautiful paintings and drawings.

  2. Pat

    Hi Cathie
    Enjoyed a trawl round your site – loved pics of animals and of course, especially loved the osprey. You have caught that hunter look so very well. Draw a veil over the Lowes pics – well me I mean.

    Keep going – it is obvious you are very creative – in lots of areas too.

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