BLOG 2019 September 23rd


Didn’t realise it was so long since the last effort. However, here I am ready to go if I can remember any of the last year.

Well I suppose it started with having my head shaved on August 4th at the start of the new season. I’m sure I must have said that though. I did raise £2200 for the Beatson charity which became £1800 after costs.

The year carried on through the autumn with my regular visits to Monklands for routine check ups. At the same time, Saturdays became Football days as I became increasingly caught up in the fortunes of Clyde. Perhaps the most ridiculous day was not at Broadwood but at Coatbridge for the last game before Christmas when the majority of Clyde fans (including me) emerged from a bus in front of a pub all in Santa suits or similar. The folks already in the pub couldn’t believe their eyes. We saw Clyde come away with a win and there were photos of the players in front of the Santa clad fans.

At the same time I got a letter from my GP saying I was fit to start back at the gym. So, again just before Christmas, I went down to the Tryst to have an induction and have a programme worked out for me. It felt a wee bit intimidating but off I went. I was enjoying being back in the gym after a fairly long break. Every six weeks there is an update of the programme  which saves any boredom setting in and keeps the freshness to the workout.  Nine months in and still enjoying it……..with resevations about the ones that really push me like, the Skierg and the Stairmaster.

Sadly as the new year wore on Trevor was beginning to show signs of deteriorating rather than making progress. Still unable to go to visit because of the risk of infections made it sad for me.

Clyde were doing really well in the league and promotion was within grasp. For the game of the season we were at Cowdenbeath. We had to win and Peterhead had to lose their game. Sadly they won and we lost. The Clyde support was there in force and in great voice.

We went on to the play offs for promotion. Won the first two games then Annan  came to Broadwood with a win in hand. We had to win and win we did. What a day! We were going up. Great jubilation on the pitch at the end.

Early in July we set off for a week in North Wales. Weather was hopeful and turned out fine for us except the day we wet to South Stack on Angelsey when there was enough fog to make it very atmospheric but no good for watching the wildlife. I did see my first choughs at long last.

The highlight of the visit was on our first day: Penrhyn Quarry and Zip World. The day I went down the fastest Zip Line in the world. 0 to 60 in ten seconds  1555m long and reaching up to 118mph. It was utterly amazing. Wanted to straight back up to do it again. Wasn’t the slightest bit nervous surprisingly.

Went for a sail up the Menai to see the wildlife. Lovely day lots of seabirds and seals. The rest of the afternoon took us further into Angelsey to the South Stack then to Almwych where we came across the hideous beauty of the devastation left after the closure of a copper mine. The colours of the landscape are amazing, blues, greens, golds, oranges and browns to list a few. We did spend two days on Angelsey owing to the paucity of road signs and our igorance of the Welsh Language getting us a wee bit lost on the first day. I know, how on earth can anyone get lost on a small island?   For the two reasons above, that’s how.

The summer chugged away after we came home as summer does. Then grandchildren back to School.

Kyle gained his black belt in Taekwon Do on August 24th as well as a bent nose and many bruises after the sparring two one one(him)

Then came the awful news that Trevor’s health was deteriorating rapidly. He had asked that he have no more treatment. He had had enough. Judi was deeply unhappy,  and after a particularly distressing weekend Trevor died in the early morning of September 10th. His funeral will be on September 25th. Judi has lost her soul mate, the love of her life. How the hell do we comfort her?

 On that note, I will end this blog.



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