Where has the time gone?

Where indeed has the time gone?  It is so long since I was on the blog that I can hardly remember what I have done. Away back in June was the summer visit to Windermere where we were once again out of doors. The weather was not all it might have been which meant our visit to Kendal was a tad wet. We spent some time in the URC Church where we sketched various parts.  When I saw the ends of the pews, I immediately thought they looked exactly like open mouthed heads. Which made me think they looked like the congregation sitting  overawed by the message from the pulpit. The woodwork in the church was quite magnificent as was the organ. We were entertained by one of our number, Norma, who is an organist, playing glorious music. Some of us ventured out into the rain to try some ‘plein air’ sketches. Our wonderful Ali managed to stand on the pavement to draw the clock tower and sneak into a cafe to do some  quick drafts of customers sitting round the tables.

Once again we visited Holehird Gardens where some stunning paintings of the view across Lake Windermere were produced. I spent more time wandering round and  doing sketches of smaller interesting bits and pieces. Had a quick try with pastels to catch the colours of the rhoddies and azaleas.

Days flowed on through the month and into school holidays. By this time my garden was exploding into growth. It has never been so green. As the months went past the colours started to appear and in fact one of the brightest displays, which is only now getting very tired, was from one stray nasturtium  self seeded among others. My agapanthus seemed to be going to disappoint again this year but went on to give me six lovely  heads.

At the end of July we headed up north to visit Aigas House’s open garden day again. Lady Lucy’s gardens are more beautiful every year. A few weeks later we were back for the launch of a book by Jim Crumley on beavers. We’d had a lovely invitation from Lady Lucy to have a complimentary dinner bed and breakfast. We were in Dick’s Den where sightings of pine marten tend to be good. Derek has seen one live at last, but it walked very purposefully down the pathway, not deigning to stop for us. It was a lovely evening , thank you Lady Lucy.

Soon after it was time for Windermere again. Then a complication arose. Someone booked a funeral for the Monday forenoon. Derek was going to need the car despite having told them he was not available. Quick changes of plan. We arranged with the Windermere Centre that I would travel down on the Sunday afternoon, chauffeured by Derek who would return on the Friday, if I were good, to bring me home. I had the whole Centre to myself that night. It was wonderful!

Next morning I set off to have a walk. It was a beautiful morning. Decided to have myself a trip down Windermere. Really enjoyed that, taking lots of photos of which many were deleted afterwards. The weather that week was wonderful. We were outside in the grounds as much as we could be. We were ‘doing’ flowers so that was great. We had the usual suspects there plus one who caused a wee bit of a problem for Sarah. Ali was missing, sad to say, because she doing further study. She is such a live wire we really do miss her. Nearly forgot that Margaret and I took the bus and had a very brief visit to Wordsworth’s Dove Cottage on the Thursday. Must go back and spend some real time there.

Derek and I had a short trip to Tewkesbury at the end of October. Once again the weather shone on us. We has a scoot around  the Vale of Evesham after visiting Bourton on the Water. Took a photo of a road sign saying Bourton  o-t Water must tease Terry Harrison that he actually lives in Yorkshire.

My next adventure is in a couple of weeks. I am flying down to Judi’s on the Monday, going to a Terry Harrison workshop in Guildford on the Tuesday and flying back on Wednesday.

Of which, more anon/ to be continued.

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