April showers 22/4/16

The year goes past so quickly these days. Here we are just a week away from May..summer?

The principal piece of news is that I have been abandoned, yes abandoned. My blue tits have nested in my box in the garden for at least ten years. The ungrateful little perishers have move next door, into the roof space!! Not only that the neighbour is waiting for a roofer to come to close up these wee spaces.

In February Audrey passed her driving test, first go. She now had a bit of freedom for getting to work. The car she bought in September was bright green with the registration Y…UKK which got it the name Yukky although Audrey called it minty Monty.  She loved her wee car.

March saw me Slice my thumb open with my mandolin, another friend asked how I managed to cut myself on a banjo. What witty people I know. It required a visit to A&E because it would not stop bleeding. Waited four hours by which time bleeding had stopped, until that is, the nurse took off the temporary bandage, when it began pouring again. During the time attempts were made to stop it, I felt the need to lie flat before I passed out. Oh joy! However all was sorted and off I went feeling a complete fraud. Astonishingly it was pretty well healed in a week

Seven days later Audrey dropped the grandchildren off at 7.45, their breakfast was being plonked in front of them when the phone rang. It was Audrey’s mobile but not her. She was just drawing out of out crescent onto the main road and was hit by a car coming from her right. She was bruised and badly shaken, taken to hospital to be checked up, then released home. Sadly Yukky’s front offside wheel and all things connected to it were seriously damaged. Her right hand was burned by the air bags deploying, her left hand was just changing up into second gear. In my opinion the other driver was driving far too fast coming off the roundabout knowing that there was an obscure road junction.  Why do I think that? Because the air bags were fully deployed in both cars. Thjat doesn’t happen for a “bump.”

Audrey finished that week and the next, then she had two weeks holiday scheduled..

We were going away on the 3rd of April for a few days to celebrate our Ruby Wedding. All romantic, we were only half an hour away from home. We thought we would go back to where we first met and visit some of the places we did then. Booked ourselves in the Premier Inn at South Queensferry. Our room looked out over the town to the Bridges. We could see the constant traffic on the road bridge  and see the new crossing taking shape. We walked into the town the afternoon we arrived. the river was busy. Two canoes/kayaks (I never know the difference) were rowing fiercely down stream, other boats were coming and going. Lots of families were out for their Sunday afternoon stroll. We found a lovely wee cafe to have a cup of tea before climbing back up the road. As we left we stopped to look at the old Priory Church. An ancient building but still in use. The next three mornings we used our bus passes to get into town, no parking problems nor charges. We had a lovely time popping from coffee to coffee. The Portrait Gallery, National Gallery (on the Mound) and the Gallery behind it. I can never remember the individual names, such a philistine I am. Dynamic Earth at the foot of the Royal Mile beside Holyrood House and the Scottish Parliament were not there 40 years ago so we decided that both were worth a look. N.B. The tea room in the Parliament is much cheaper than Dynamic Earth which is much more interesting. We must have been more that two hours going through it and could have stayed longer. We also went up to the Museum of Scotland to spend time there (an old favourite when the weather was cold and as poor students cost nothing to be warm.) There was a wonderful exhibition on The Celts.  Indescribable.

When we were there we got good news from Audrey. She had managed to find another car. When her holiday was over she was back to independence getting to work. Last Saturday she drove to Knockhill race course for Craig’s birthday present from the family, a Ferrari experience and circuits in the latest powerful Honda Civic. He thoroughly enjoyed that, but I wonder why Audrey drove back.

Yesterday I had yet another “experience” coming home from school with Erin. Fell my length, landing flat on my face. My friend Kirsty got me back up onto my feet, but she got a bit of a fright as did her middle daughter her older daughter, their cousin and Erin were round the corner, away ahead of us. I have broken my favourite glasses, got two black eyes a hugely bruised and colourful chin and my right arm is so badly bruised it hurts to do anything with it..

Wild life? have only once had a bullfinch in my garden in 25 years. I found a male one dead in a flowerpot at my back door with its imprint on the glass of the door. We’ve had visits from the sparrowhawk. loads of goldfinches, siskins , a couple of green finches, four feral pigeons, two wood pigeons with the usual blue, great, longtailed tits, sparrows, dunnock, robins, blackbirds, starlings and a neighbours cat who has found a comfy and cosy spot to lie just beside  the bird feeders. As I type this I have the Loch of the Lowes webcam open and have the sounds of the osprey and myriad others keeping me company.

Till next time, fare thee well.

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