August 1st. A lovely summer’s day.

Last time I was on here was three months ago. Memory isn’t so great these days so cannot quite remember what was happening.

Ed Byrne was at the MacRobert Theatre at Stirling Uni at the end of April He was very very funny. A great night.

That same weekend Derek and I hopped down th the Borders to experience  Ancrum’s Art Weekend. Some inspirational work. Met Hannah Longmuire again. Her partner works with amazing wood. There were ceramics, jewellers, painters, handbag makers (very bright zips used.)Fabric designs using Harris Tweed an so much more. I bought a watercolour of a pig for Judi’s birthday.

The good news: May was a month of sunshine. Because I had really done some damage to my arm when I fell, I found most things were difficult to do, like hoovering, lifting anything and ironing. I successfully spent lots of days sitting in the garden in shorts and under a large floppy sun hat drawing or painting, such a drag……. Somehow I did manage to produce food but nothing that required pots, pans and excessive washing up. Washing my hair was rather a problem but I eventually did it. Getting into the bath was very easy unlike the struggle to get out. Why not shower? Don’t have a shower, only get showers on our fairly regular visits to the Premier Inn! Anyway I love to soak in a hot bath.

Kyle won a silver medal for his patterns at the Scottish Taekwon do Championships. A very happy boy.

June found me pretty well fully functioning. On 2nd was the Lowes gathering. It was great to see everyone again, especially our two wanderers from Texas, Susan and her mum Yvonne. I haven’t been on the that blog for ages either, so felt a little out of it. Enjoyed it, though. Had to leave sharp to get back for Erin ans Kyle coming out of school.

I booked my flights down to visit Judi without phoning her. Bad mistake. Not happy with me because I did as she’d sort of suggested and booked to Southampton Airport which is closer than Gatwick. Too late now.

13th June was a day for laughter. We were at a recording of “I’m sorry I haven’t a clue.”

June 15th was a red letter day. Audrey’s car needed petrol so she took Craig’s Honda Civic to work. Brave girl. It’s a powerful beast. I guess she has got her confidence back.

Sunday 19th June we were driving up the A9 near Auchterarder when a duck stepped out onto the dual carriageway followed by a duckling. I want to think they crossed safely.

THE Referendum came and went leaving chaos in its wake.

June 29th saw Kyle leaving Primary school for the last time. He’s off to the Academy in August.

Paid another visit to Lancaster in July. First stop Standfast and Barrack outlet shop. Was surprised to find it totally rearranged then noticed a line fairly high on the wall behind the cutting table marking the level of the water in the floods earlier in the year. They must have lost thousands of pounds’ worth of stock.We left Lancaster after breakfast on the Monday morning to head for  home.Tidied, did some washing, made tea then left for Glasgow airport. 12 hours after leaving Lancaster I was flying south over Morecambe Bay.

My first surprise was the aircraft… was a turbo prop. Last time I was in one was an old Dakota flying from Renfrew Airport to the Isle of Man in 1965 before Glasgow Airport was thought about.

Arrived on time at Southampton to be met by Judi and Trevor. It took a full hour to drive home, where there was a mass of cards and flowers for Judi’s birthday. That’s why I was down, to celebrate her 50th.Over the four days I was down, we visited West Dean Gardens,Petersfield and Midhurst and also Chichester. It was a lovely day and a chap was sitting near the Cathedral playing what looked like a viola but on a spike like a cello. He looked happy and the music was lovely. We went to check out a farm shop at Midhurst (excellent) and went for a walk past the local Polo ground where they were setting upfor a polo tournament at the weekend.

Sadly I think it will be the last time I pet Dodger the black lab. He’s an old man now and ready for the long sleep.

Last Saturday popped up to Inverness to see friend Christine and also go to Lady Lucy’s open garden day on the Sunday afternoon.Weather was good.

Finally Derek and I were at the Glasgow Fort on Saturday morning. Was in Boots to hunt for dental stuff when I was suddenly approached by a lady enquiring if I were me. I taught one of her sons, who is now 28 and used to got to her to get my nails done. They were moving as a family to Boston and we met to have a coffee and say farewell on the day that the terrorists flew into the World Trade Center. So pleased to see her, to catch up a little and cause a bottleneck in Boots.

Going now, but like wotshisname, I’ll be back.

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