A selection of my paintings.

Click on the first image and then use arrows to move through the images, OR, click on {show slideshow} to see automatic slideshow.


And updated from March 2018


Some more recent paintings – February 2018


Most recent paintings – June 2016

More recent painting – post Autumn 2015

Older paintings

2 thoughts on “Paintings

  1. Paul Hardy

    Many thanks for sharing your link to your paintings great stuff. It’s lovely to see other people’s work and to see how you are getting on with them.

  2. jean.

    CATHIE< Your paintings a beautiful ! First time I have been on your site, I enjoyed looking at your paintings, will have a look at your other works later on. Have been thinking about trying to get my hand back in to art work but have so much more in pipeline haven't got round to it yet. Maybe seeing your work will inspire me once again THANK YOU for allowing me to view .

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