Another Weekend Away

August 2014

Well it was two, really. The last weekend in July we went up to Aigas  for the Open Garden day. As always, Lady Lucy’s garden looking great. Didn’t go on the walk round the loch and up the hill because the heavens opened. That was the Sunday. In the evening we had a lovely walk along the canal, we were staying in the Premier Inn West, where Derek got some good photos and I got a couple. The light was beginning to fade when we got back. On the Monday we just headed back down because we had the Grandchildren overnight.

Two weeks later we were off again. This time south. It was raining again. there were signs for the StobartFest at Carlisle airport. The rain wasn’t too bad so a detour was made. Good to see the faces of “kent names” and to finally stand beside Phoebe Grace and April. The rain was getting heavier so we headed back towards the M6 and Rheged.  Had a blether with another couple as we were having something to eat before heading for the joys of Kirkstone Pass. It was pretty quiet, I think the reason being no one was out in the rain. Instead of stopping in Windermere we drove down the east side of the lake for a wee change. Sadly the rain was such that we just drove straight to Lancaster and booked in. We ate at half past seven, or rather we were seated at half past seven and I had two large wines before we ate. Derek had one.

Next morning looked better. We decided to forego Leighton Moss and head east, where the forecast suggested it might be dryer. Of course that meant the Wensleydale Creamery. Managed to dissuade Derek from buying more cheese but had a cup of tea and a goodie. The weather over the Pennines had been interestingly wet. Our next  port of call was at the Aysgarth Falls. Knew about them from the Yorkshire  Air Ambulance programmes. They are really quite spectacular, especially when there had been so much rain. Decided to scramble down to the riverside at the bottom of the lower falls to take a clear photo.  I got to the bottom when my foot slipped and I went flying, uttering the cry of ‘Oh bugger’ and seeing the said air ambulance coming to get me out. Unhurt and defiant I got the photo and scrambled back up to the viewpoint. It was an interesting place. We walked up to the upper falls as well before setting off again.

On the way to Swaledale we came to a road closed sign which sent us on a tortuous but interest route away over the moors until we joined the proper road again. Stopped at Swaledale woollens  again. The car park is on one side of the river, the road and the shops on the other. When we were coming back to the car, the was a dipper on a rock on the riverbank busy preening itself. It was there for ages. Got a photo from the car park.

Back through Swaledale to Lancaster. Couldn’t get a seat to eat until eight o’clock so we went for another canal walk. This time we went to the Aqueduct up onto the tow-path and walked more towards the city centre.  My legs were aching a bit, probably bruised from the morning, though I wouldn’t admit it. We turned back and had only half an hour to kill before food. I was starving!!!!

Next time I’m off to Windermere in three weeks for another painting holiday. Have practised a bit more this time but still mostly drawing. I wont go down in March this time. We were very lucky with the weather this year, but our climate can be too unpredictable at that time of the year.

On another tack, I’ve found a different food programme on TV. The Pioneer Woman. Cooks grub for MEN i.e. huge portions. She lives on a huge ranch in Oklahoma, earns vast sums for her books and her cooking and the ranch itself is a rich one but it sort of makes you feel all homely and wanting to cook big roasts and steamed puds with masses of custard.


19 August 2014

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