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I am a retired teacher, and also a relatively recent graduate of Stirling University [2005].

Having been brought up on farms, where my father was a shepherd, I have a life long love of the natural world.

Since retirement I have been seeking to develop skills in drawing and painting, as well as continuing needlework and knitting, and watching wildlife, especially ospreys.


5 thoughts on “Home

  1. Debra Rae

    Hi cathie ,

    I did not realise you had a blog, please keep it up. I enjoy reading your stories and adventures and looking at your beautiful paintings and drawings.

  2. Pat

    Hi Cathie
    Enjoyed a trawl round your site – loved pics of animals and of course, especially loved the osprey. You have caught that hunter look so very well. Draw a veil over the Lowes pics – well me I mean.

    Keep going – it is obvious you are very creative – in lots of areas too.

    1. Margaret anderson

      Cathie and Derek good Christmas and new Year to you and all the family.
      Just got into your blog, meant to last year but had my gall bladder out which seemed to keep me quiet. Anyway delighted to read all your news. Fifty years can hardly believe it.Noticed you did not tell how Colin kept guard over you here! He still remembers.

      George will be 84 this year. We are doing fine, slower and stiffer. Still pottering away at crafty things. Neil and Tish, Colin and Ana are fine, well over fifty. Judi fifty?!
      Hopefully we can keep in touch. Last week we had lunch with friends in Market Street and I pointed out the baked tattie shop we went to at times. Still there.
      Hope to hear from you

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