Catch Up time again – March 2015

So here we are, a beautiful second day of spring with icy winds and sleet and snow. At the supermarket this morning heard the customer in front of me bemoaning how long the winter has been. Funny I think it came kind of late and was fine until February. I’ve been cold since then.

Anyway I’ve been beavering away at my painting and drawing, sometimes successful others fit for the bin or for personal reference only. Since the next Windermere course is only seven days away and the subject is portraits I’ve been practising drawing faces. How different each one is! Drew one of me and didn’t spare the lines. How altruistic is that.  Some are a bit easier to catch than others. I’ve got a recognisable David Beckham, Kate Humble and Billy Connolly but others aren’t so great. Next week it will be trying to paint a likeness.  I may be in tears of frustration.

I did try a painting of Lake Maligne in the Rockies. I had three goes at it. One I got the colour of the lake about right, the next the Rockies weren’t bad and the third looked better overall but was way too pastel. Didn’t try again.

Since just before Christmas I’ve had something called Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo. It is fading and pretty well gone but has caused me to lurch about the place. One Friday night there had been heavy snow and I was going with daughter dear to a get- together of the Taekwondo adults from grandson’s club. It meant Derek had to child mind for Audrey since Craig was working. Derek, Kyle, Erin and I set off to take children home. I was carrying a basket containing pecan cookies and choc-chip cookies I’d baked for the evening with a bottle of vino on top. Naturally the young ones were having fun in the snow and Papa was busy trying to keep them to heel. As we were going down steps, I slipped, lurched to the side and dropped the basket. All I could see was my bottle heading down the snowy slope on its own. “Kyle grab my wine!” I yelled. He did and it was intact. I then righted the basket, picked up what baking had landed in the pristine snow, popped them back in the basket and off we went. It was only next day I found a huge bruise on my right arm.

Part way through the evening I was heading along to keep Derek company…The Last Leg was due to come on TV.. and Audrey insisted that she had to walk me back and she returned to the party. After a lot longer that she had promised. I walked back to the party, extricated her and virtually carried her home. She was very very merry.

When the weather has been clement I’ve been tidying the garden ready for spring. The last thing I tackled was my greenhouse. It took me quite a few hours. Yet again I disturbed a wee moosie.  That’s the green house ready for slightly warmer days. We have brown bins for garden waste, and I’m afraid mine is brim full. No collection until half way through April. So few people have gardens as I think of them, they are either all slabbed or have decking and paving slabs.

My wilderness is a home for wildlife, including wee moosies. Though this year my great garden birdwatch was low in regulars. We have 12 goldfinches most days but only two siskins. Two male green finches came in, the first for two years when the last ones were diseased. The Sparrowhawk makes regular sorties through the day, usually unsuccessfully but there has been evidence over the year of plucking of unlucky prey. The great tits have been having a look at the nest box which could cause upset if they try to oust the blue tits.

Derek has been scanning some more of my art work to add to the blog. So that should be up soon.

Cass Art opened in Glasgow this year. The past weekend was their official opening, so D and I were in at 9 o’clock Saturday morning to  get the goodie bag and the extra discount!

I have my pet wildlife making meowing noises for food and it is also nearly time to take Kyle to has Taekwondo. Over and out.

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