January 7th 2016. Update.

Oh well, here we are, a new year again.I  seem to take so long to get myself enough time and space to put anything on this blog, however, here goes.

Irritatingly there is a small white cat sitting on the desk between me and the screen. That makes a change from walking back and forward spreading hair through the keyboard.

What have I been up to since I last wrote? Well first of all Kyle had another grading at Taekwondo and got his new belt. He also got his new GTF suit for Christmas and has to turn the trouser bottoms up. Och well, room for growth.

Erin is having fun at Beavers and has had beaver of the week once or twice. She loves going. Had the chance along with Kyle to go to TKD but didn’t want to so instead joins the Beavers not the Brownies, no, the Beavers.

Derek and I had a weekend away in October. We headed for the Cotswolds in the hope of bringing back lots of Vale of Evesham fruit and veg, which we did. We have memories of staying with friends in Birmingham some years ago…the October when Michael Fish didn’t forecast the hurricane over the south of England… when we had the Citroen 2CV which was only a few weeks old. We travelled home with Paul and Audrey having fruit and veg packed between them  some more under the seats. The doodlebug as we called the car had flat floor so there was loads of room for said veg. That was also the time when Derek had carefully planned our route away from motorways,when possible, and especially one which avoided spaghetti junction. I was, as usual, carefully watching the road directions so that we would definitely avoid the nightmare junction. Unfortunately my navigating skills failed me and Derek found us within spaghetti junction. He didn’t have any bother finding the way to our destination after all, but perhaps that’s why he has a sat. nav. now.

We stayed at the Premier Inn in Tewkesbury, which was pretty good. We quite like them. Clean, comfortable and staff friendly. We have stayed at six now. We’ve booked four nights at a seventh in April. It’s our ruby wedding and rather that have a “do” we are going back to the places we explored when we met as students.

After our lovely weekend in the Cotswolds, I headed off back down south in November, killing two birds with one stone, in a manner of speaking. I had two nights and a day with Judi which was good. The Tuesday required Trevor to get me to the outskirts of Guildford for ten in the morning. I was going to a one day workshop with Terry Harrison, artist. It was good fun and I learned a lot about using different brushes for different effects. My big problem is still having the brush too wet. I came home with a reasonably good painting I’m glad to say.

On the art front I’ve had a go with pastels. My best efforts are on the Drawing page of the website. It is a messy medium but I’m going to try to develop it. My drawing has taken a side step but I have been practising. Since November I’ve finished some paintings which are improving  with practice. (I’ve also been knitting gloves and sewing Christmas tablemats.)

As usual, I’ve chosen the wrong time to do this. It is almost time for me to go for the grandchildren, known affectionately as the Jedi, to bring them from school. I think four wheels might be an option since it is raining still.

We have been relatively lucky, in that we’ve had rain and stormy winds but have been favoured by the weather gods, missing the dreadful rain of other parts of the country. Still, the nights are drawing out, Spring will be here soon (got primroses in my garden)and the sun will be back.

Yes I’m a glass half full person.

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