Autumn is here – October 2014

Summer’s gone, nights are drawing in and it is time to sit beside the fire and knit. Well, I don’t have a fire but I can imagine. I have finally found an art group in Cumbernauld. Meets on  Tuesday morning in the Link. A good group of people with varying talent….thank goodness. However there are some very good artists among them. There’s another possible group meets on a Thursday evening which I might just try out. I don’t feel as poor as I did when I first went to Windermere last September.

I am still punishing myself on a regular basis at the gym, three times a week at the moment. I’m keeping hoping that it keeps the osteoporosis away.

When we were coming home from church on Sunday we saw a small bird streaking away from an attacking sparrow-hawk. I fear the worst for the victim. No signs of waxwings yet. The sparrows who come into the garden seem to be increasing in number. They roost in a rhododendron bush outside the garden and they chatter away among themselves. The Starlings on our church roof outnumbered the congregation a fortnight ago, even more so at the close of the service. Perhaps there was a lot of hot air from the pulpit: ha ha Derek.

Went into the garden on Sunday afternoon to start tidying up. The greenhouse was dealt with first. My tomatoes are almost all red now. First time I’ve grown them. My dad would have been proud of me but would still have said I’d done something wrong. Anyhow the greenhouse has been tidied, some of my pots have been put in for shelter from the frost. Most of my geraniums have been dead headed trimmed a little and popped inside too. My agapanthus survived last winter but hasn’t bloomed this year. It is under cover too,  Pulled out the dead leaves of my many hostas and also of the bedding perennials which just seem to explode at the slightest hint of sun. They had already been savaged by me.

I shall now spend more time on winter activities. Baked my Christmas cake last week and have hunted out the knitting.

Before getting settled in, we are going away for the weekend again. Staying at Elgin because the Gaelic Mod is in Inverness this week so our usual Premier Inns are all booked up. Paying a visit to Aigas again.  Laurie Campbell has a new book out about Otters and is giving a talk about them at Aigas. We saw it and booked it this time.

Hope the weather is reasonably kind for us.

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